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An Annual Well Woman Exam Is Important At Any Stage Of Womanhood

An annual well woman exam is important at any stage of womanhood. Women who are twenty-somethings and women who are post-menopausal plus everyone in between can benefit from a well-woman exam. It’s a great way to know that you are healthy, you are preventing any issues, plus it is covered by most insurance.

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Meet our Centering Group Participants!

What is Centering?

At Augusta and Waterville Women’s Care, we offer Centering Pregnancy services in addition to traditional prenatal care. Centering Pregnancy is an evidence-based model of group prenatal care that can improve birth outcomes, educate patients, and provide support. We find that families value the extra support they receive in our Centering groups, and have great experiences as a result. Those who have completed Centering classes overwhelmingly agree they felt less anxious, less alone, more prepared, and more supported. The majority of women that had children prior to using our Centering program have stated they wished this model of care had been an option for all of their pregnancies! 

Centering Benefits

Centering prenatal care offers countless benefits to women and their partners. The goal of Centering is to create a supportive and educational environment that promotes a healthy pregnancy and delivery process. Here are just a few of the many benefits from using our Centering program:

  • Longer, more meaningful appointments. You will receive a schedule of 10 appointments that make up your Centering group, and your providers will remain the same. 
  • A strong community. Your Centering group is made up of other women who are at similar stages in their pregnancies. This allows for the group to connect over these shared experiences. 
  • Less anxiety leading up to delivery. All of our Centering participants agree: They feel more at ease going into the labor & delivery process after participating in the program. 
  • Reduced risks of preterm labor, low birth weight, and cesarean sections. Studies show Centering Pregnancy can reduce common risks by giving families more time with dedicated providers to ask questions, and learn more.

How Do I Learn More About Centering?

If you have any questions about our Centering program, give us a call to book an appointment. We will gladly assist you in finding the information you need! You can also visit the Centering page on our website for more information.

Meet Our Centering Participants

Parents with their babies

L to R: Javier and Gabrielle with their daughter.
Danielle with her daughter, Brianna.
Jessica with her son, Dexter.
Marilyn and Kris with their son, Brody.


Babies laying down

L to R: Julian, Hayley, Lillian, Logan, and Maddox.


Centering Group Participants

L to R: Heather with daughter Quinn
Hannah with daughter Josie
Ashley with daughter Dawsyn and her big sister.
Lauren with daughter Sofia
Haley with son Mason


Babies laying down

Top Left: Grafton
Top Right: Cayson
Bottom Left: Everett
Bottom Right: Crew

Babies laying down

L to R: Evelyn, Nash, Brayden, Reece, Kaylee, Laney, Jordyn

Mothers holding their babies

L to R: Elizabeth and Jordyn
Amanda and Laney
Bridgette and Kaylee
Meagan and Reece
Caroline and Evelyn
Heather and Brayden
Danielle and Nash

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