Centering Pregnancy Program in Augusta & Waterville, ME

Augusta and Waterville Women’s Care is very excited to offer Centering Pregnancy as a model of care during your pregnancy.

While traditional prenatal care is always an option, we also offer Centering Pregnancy. This is an evidence-based model of group prenatal care that is based on studies showing that group prenatal care can improve birth outcomes, patient education, social support, and patient satisfaction.

Centering Pregnancy has been shown to reduce the risk of preterm delivery, low birth weight, cesarean section and to increase breastfeeding rates. Our group approach gives families more time with dedicated providers to explore healthy pregnancy and parenting information in a supportive environment with families that are at similar stages in their pregnancy journey.

We find that families really enjoy the extra support they receive in our Centering Pregnancy groups and we encourage you to give this evidence-based approach a try. You can learn more about our preferred model of care in the information below:

What to Expect When Centering

At your first prenatal appointment, you will receive a schedule of 10 appointments that make up your pregnancy care with Centering pregnancy. Your providers will remain the same throughout your pregnancy.

What information is shared with other members?

Only information you choose to share and are comfortable sharing will be shared at group appointments. Your private information and concerns will always be kept confidential.

What if I have a high-risk condition?

Some patients with high-risk conditions can still join Centering. These patients may need a few extra appointments for extra ultrasounds or counseling visits related to their conditions. We will make sure these appointments are set up for you and that the plan of care is clear.

Who can I bring?

You are welcome to have a support person join you, but this is not required. We do ask that you not bring young children with you as this is a time for you to enjoy your pregnancy with this baby.

Confidentiality is very important to us at Waterville and Augusta Women’s Care. Every participant and support person is required to sign an agreement stating information shared will remain confidential. The only information shared is that which you choose to share; your medical information always remains confidential.

What if I have very private concerns or need an exam?

No worries! If you need an exam or request extra privacy, you will be escorted to a private exam room to ensure your comfort or you can schedule a visit in the office if you want to be seen at a different time.

What our Patients are Saying:

Women and their support persons who have completed Centering pregnancy care have overwhelmingly agreed that they felt well informed, less anxious, less alone, more prepared, and had a greater sense of support and community. Many of the women in our groups have already had other children prior to the existence of our Centering program and have stated that they wished this model of care had been an option for all of their pregnancies. Women have agreed they would choose this model of care for future pregnancy care as well. It is also wonderful to come back for your postpartum reunion to meet each other’s babies and share your experiences and birth stories.

Learn More About The Centering Pregnancy Program in Waterville & Augusta, ME

If you have more questions, please call our staff at (207) 877-7477 and we will gladly assist you in finding the information you need.



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